GENOA 3D Printing Simulation is an additive manufacturing design tool and software suite that simulates the 3D printing process to accurately predict the deflection, residual stress, damage initiation, and crack growth formation associated with as-built AM parts.

GENOA 3DP Simulation provides the end user with an ability to import an STL file/G-Code; generate a structural mesh, run analysis and optimize the build in order to reduce weight, reduce scrap rate, improve performance and meet specification.


More About GENOA 3DP

GENOA 3DP Simulation allows engineers to utilize a detailed material model that corresponds to actual test data and utilize weighting methodologies and sensitivity analysis. Users can identify material and process parameters that impact the build and eliminate fabrication trial and error.


  • Predicts presence of residual stress, deformation, and delamination (initiation/propagation)
  • Predicts fracture, failure type and percentage of contribution of failure type (when, where, why)
  • Identifies location and extent of damage and fracture; i.e. diffusion creep, void and surface roughness
  • Calculate voids and corresponding material degradation